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How To Hit A Draw

May 17, 2011

How To Hit A DrawHow to hit a draw? This shot is easier than you might think. Controlling your flight path is important for you when decreasing the strokes you take during a game as well as learning the layout and perfecting the course.

Hitting a draw indicates to the ball that it should go from right to left, much like the hook shot however with some control and deliberation. Several professional golfers devote hours and hours learning this particular shot, as it could add sizeable length on their drives. When performed properly, hitting a draw allows your ball to fly closer to the ground and move more on golf course. While you perfect this kind of shot, you could notice a noticeable advancement with your golf.

To understand this particular very useful golfing shot, you’ll want to ensure a few certain things are happening with your swing movement.

The first key to hitting the draw is to attain a strong hold through spinning both hands slightly to the right upon the actual golf clubs shaft. Don’t turn the actual shaft of the club, merely the hands.

Next you want to shut your address foot position a little bit. This gives the body the room it needs to turn fully and also attain the correct inside to outside swing path.

As the golf clubs head makes contact with the actual ball, enable both hands to perform the task. Your right hand will rotate to the natural position, enabling the actual golf club face to close somewhat. This is where your solid grip will come in handy.

When hitting a draw, keep your head down whenever finishing your follow through. In the event that proper form is employed, the golf ball can normally begin a path to the right; when it gets to the pinnacle, it’s going to begin to return to your left, stopping the curve through the middle line.

If you notice your ball is bending instantly to the left, you happen to be performing a shot which is closer to a hook, and you have to continue training.

A good idea is always to look down at the divot you leave. When shooting with the iron, your divot must be a little to the left of the targeted line or perhaps straight in line with the targeted line. It shouldn’t become looking to the right.

Hitting a draw properly calls for training, and also the easiest golf club to work with is a mid-range iron. Your 6 iron is a great selection for most golf players. If you are even now finding yourself having a problem mastering your shot, take a look at your current grips. Bigger, softer golf grips are likely to make it more challenging to get the sought after motion on your ball.

Try not to become disheartened if you notice lots of hook shots to start with. This is to be expected. The technique associated with rotating your hands right as you take your golfing shot usually takes continuous, continual training. It’s always best to make little adjustments, hit several golf balls, observe what goes on,
and make even more adjustments when needed.

As you start to perfect the shot using your mid-range irons, proceed upward towards the driver. This is the most challenging golf club to master in relation to hitting a draw, however practicing while using simpler golf clubs first can make it a lot simpler to perfect the driver. Never stop trying. Once you have the mechanics down, you’ll be able to control this kind of shot plus your overall golf game much better.

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Also, check out the video below.

How To Hit A Draw Shot – Video


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